The Organizer

Justinas Leveika
Hello, you beautiful people, the author here. My name is Justinas Leveika, and I like to ride my bike a lot.
I have started riding ultra bikepacking races in 2021, since then I have done more than 20 of them. My bike took me to the USA, Africa, Middle East and zigzagged Europe. I won quite a few, but most importantly I have seen various types of concepts and levels of organisations. I was gutted that to do well in those races, a big chunk of riding had to be done through the night. My oh my, how many beautiful views got lost there.
So, my idea of creating the Bright Midnight was to invite you all to ride your bike at that time of the year when it never gets dark, no matter how fast or slow you ride, you will not miss anything. To show you my playground, the diversity of nature here in Norway. The 2023 edition showed that it was fun, but also that it could get done better. So, there we are - 2024 is almost there and a new challenge where it never gets dark is getting closer!
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