Bright Midnight
The Bright Midnight

The Bright Midnight

Unsupported Bikepacking through Norwegian highlands and fjords

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Starting and finishing in Tolga.
Accreditation and briefing Saturday 13th of July (18:00 PM)
Official start Sunday 14th of July (10:00 AM)
Time limit Saturday 20th of July (21:00 PM)




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About the project

The Bright Midnight is a 1100 km self-supported bikepacking adventure in Norway. Through small villages by way of gravel roads. Start and finish in a little mountain village called Tolga. The route then goes through highlands – endless gravel roads in the mountains, connecting all those summer farms up there. It then eventually leads to the fjords, goes along them, over some mountain passes, visiting some iconic cities like Geiranger, taking a loop in the home of Giants and eventually turning back in to highlands through some national parks. In total about 1100 km with about 20 000 meters of elevation gain.


Frequently asked questions

Online Registration will open Friday December 1th 19:00 CET

The Bright Midnight – 14/JULY/2024 – 1100km x 20.000m

Single ticket – 275€

Pair ticket – 550€

Start/Finish: Tolga

Accreditation and briefing: 13/JULY/2024

Official Start: 14/JULY/2024

From Oslo, Tolga is easily reachable by train. Check train options here

You can also read a full guide that I kindly wrote for you.


The Bright Midnight is a self-supported bikepacking adventure where it never gets dark. Roughly 1100 kilometres, the route crosses an incredible mix of sceneries: from small Norwegian villages set in the highlands to the tarmac and gravel roads crossing some mountains along the fjords. Gravel roads, mountains, woods, rivers, waterfalls and dozen of unique places in between!

There will be a few options to choose from – shared spaces to sleep. In 2023 we had Ski jumpers house for 200 nok per person per night and Old school building for 100 nok per person per night. None of those are on booking dot com or Airbnb. Also there are people who are renting their houses during the race, so even though it might look that there is not much, but all be fine. Trust me.

Luckily, one of the partners is local bike shop - Tolga Sykkelmekka, there we have enough space to store bags and boxes.

Yes it’s mandatory to have your own insurance.

You must have a valid liability, death, accident and health insurance valid during the event that covers emergency extraction and repatriation insurance.

The organization won’t provide any kind of insurance for the event and will not held liable for any damage whatsoever that may occur directly and/or indirectly to you or other parties.

The Bright Midnight route has different types of locations and environment. It’s a well-balanced mix where, if you plan your adventure carefully, you’ll be able to find anything you need. There will be some remote areas, but you will be given a detailed roadbook with the rider’s manual.

I suggest 40mm gravel tyres. It’s true that there will be a good amount of smooth tarmac but the gravel sometimes can be a bit “rocky” and it’s better to be safe rather than sorry for not completing the route.

No, you can’t ride without a front light. If cloudy or rainy at night, it won’t be enough bright to make you visible or to see the road properly. For your safety you have to be visible to other vehicles, plus there are some tunnels where light is necessary. It’s also strongly suggested to have a high visibility vest, in order to be visible to other vehicles in case of bad weather conditions.

Between 0ºC (in the mountains with bad weather conditions) and 28-30ºC (if you’re riding under the sun).
More questions you can find here.


Several captured moments from the last journey
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